Support Documents and Papers

Educational Support

Alternative Group Processes

A Synopsis of Grant Proposal Writing

Academic Paper Grading Rubric

Advice on Writing a Capstone Paper

A Short Overview of Sociology

Characteristics of Non-Traditional Education Presentation

Comparing Government Intelligence to Academic Research

Diversity and Best Practice Research

Elements of a Capstone Paper Presentation

Fast Research for Accelerated Learning

Generic Case Analysis Template

Generic Evaluation Template

Glossary of Evaluation Terms

Holding Facility Curriculum Development Model

In the Matter of Critical Thinking

On-line Teaching Research

Overview of Adult Education

Reflections on Teaching Adults

Research Methods

Stritch APA Writing Guide

Stritch Addendum Syllabus Template

Social Construction of Race

St. Francis of Assisi

Teaching Millennial Students

Thoughts on Designing a Research Strategy for a Capstone Paper

Visual Display and PowerPoint Presentations

United States Constitution and Amendments

What is Conscious Capitalism?

What is the Purpose of the Capstone?

What Should Introductory Courses Do?

What the Best College Teachers Do?


Business and Political Communications

Critical Questions: Steve Jobs and Leadership Analysis

Critical Thoughts for Any Employee

Hawthorne Effect

Intercultural Leadership Competencies

Law Enforcement Customer Service

Law of Improbable Implication

Leading Bond: M as a Leader

Leadership Competencies

Leadership Success

Managing Across Generational Differences

Myth Busting: Eye Movement and Lying


Older Workers and Younger Management

Outcomes Based Objective Writing Presentation

Outcome Based Organizational Design (short paper)

Observations on Employee Assessment

On-line Personality Test

PEST Analysis Form

Project Teams

Suggestions on Distance Learning

Synopsis of OODA Book

Synopsis of the World Is Flat

Terror Management Theory

Theories of Motivation

Thoughts on Behavior

What is Wisdom?

White Papers

A Proposed Proclamation for the City of Milwaukee

Curriculum Vita

Ethics and Neuroscience

The Iraq War and It’s Affects

Conflicting Values and the Military  Letter to the Editor in the October 2005 Issue of the Marine Corps Gazette

Corporate Lessons Learned Unpublished response to article in the January 2008 Issue of the Marine Corps Gazette

American Militarism

COP House Meeting Proposal

In the Matter of…COP House

Overview Report on COP House

Observations on Community Housing

Observation on Chivalry

Observations on Hate Crime Summit

Problem Oriented Poicing Information Sheet

Reflections on Culture and the United States Marine Corps

Restoring Justice Center for Sherman Park

Rick Warren TED Speech



Emotional Survival for Police Officers-Synopsis of Gilmartin Book

Historic Sherman Park

Renovated Jackie Robinson School Tour

The Meaning of Life

Marquette Law School Conference Report

2012 Marquette Conference on Restoring Faith in Government Report

Synopsis of Reality-Challenged Theories…Weisberg Lecture at Marquette Law

Marquette 2013 Conference on the Impact of Capital Punishment on Homicide Survivors

What is a NID?

NID Focus Group Findings

Restorative Justice: What is it?

Sherman School Findings

Sherman School: Research Findings PowerPoint

Useful Web Links Beloit College     Mindset List A wonderful web site on Japanese Management and Culture An Inspiring “Ice Breaker” on Leadership Google’s Scholar Search Engine  Adult Higher Education Alliance  New Approaches for Lifelong Learning  The American Association of Adult and Continuing Education American Psychological Association Style Guide  National Public Radio  Speaking of Faith, National Public Radio  Legal Ethics – Worlds in Collision Critical Thinking Articles on Site are Focused on all aspects of Critical Thought Changing Minds – Useful links on a range of topics

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