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      About Myself    

I am a consultant with  a wide-ranging career encompassing management, higher education teaching, and administration. My present focus is supporting police agencies in the design and implementation of diversity, ethics, and leadership education through Lifvendahl & Associates.

I am a partner and field researcher of the National Institute of Ethics working in the area of ethics and assessment. We work with secondary education and law enforcement agencies in the area of Integrity Certification.

I currently am an Adjunct Assistant Professor with Cardinal Stritch University (College of Business and Management) and an Adjunct Instructor with Mount Mary University (Justice Program).  I have instructed on-line for National-Louis University in their Master of Adult Education program.  Courses I teach or have taught that directly relate to my consulting practice include:

         Cardinal Stritch University       

ADM 496 Capstone: Business Policy and Strategy
ASB 110 Personal and Professional Development
ASB 160 Introduction to Business Ethics
ASB 208 Introduction to Management
ASB 202 Sociology of Work
ASB 220 Western Civilization I
ASB 225 Western Civilization II
ASB 240 Humanities I
ASB 245 Humanities II
BU 308 Human Resources Management (Traditional Day Course)
CMB 502 Fundamentals of Executive Management
CMB 544 Global Business Policy and Strategy
CMB 620 Ethics and Social Responsibility
CMB 639 Capstone: Advanced Business Policy and Strategy
CTM 206 Role and Functions of Teams
MGT 306 Principles of Self Management
MBA 500 Graduate Success Seminar
MGT 405 Management and Leadership
MGT 460 Business Ethics
MGT 498 Capstone: Quality Management
MGT 499 Capstone: Strategic Organizational Leadership
MGT 500 Graduate Success Seminar

          MGT 505

Advanced Management and Leadership
MGT 510 Function and Practices of Management
MGT 532 Advanced Human Resource Management
MGT 534 Managing and Motivating Teams
MGT 535 Organizational Behavior
MGT 544 Capstone: Global Business Policy and Strategy
MGT 547 Inrapreneurship
MGT 572 Case Studies and Ethical Issues
MGT 584 Capstone: Strategic Management
MGT 590 Research Methodology
PSM 414 Law Enforcement Management and Leadership
        Mount Mary University       
JUS 301 Comparative Justice Systems

                National - Louis University       

ACE 516

Leadership Through Adult Education: Administration and Planning


I believe that organizational change and improvement must be driven by a clear understanding of the outcomes and objectives that are deemed crucial to change implementation.  I specialize in helping leadership define these essential core outcomes.  The focus of my work has been on providing customized programming that guides change processes that target the following areas:  

  •       Outcome Development – I believe that one of the most difficult tasks organizations deal with are defining outcomes.  These are core behaviors organization members must exhibit if the business is to be successful. Implicit in this process is the rigorous review of organizational mission and vision statements.  This is done to ensure alignment between achievable outcomes and individual behavior.  

  •     Change Management – I believe that leaders assume that change is inevitable and essential to organizational health.  I work with my client leadership to define what is desirable change and how best to achieve it.  I facilitate strategic planning processes and employ research methods and scrupulous evaluation techniques that  support leadership as it plans change implementation.  

  •     Curriculum Development – I believe that successful implementation of training and development programs is directly linked to the clarity of learning outcomes and lesson objectives to be achieved by learners.  I employ proven techniques for objectively evaluating and recommending revision of current programming.  I am also committed to work with clients over the long term by writing custom curriculum tailored to their unique needs.


As a committed practitioner of adult learning theory and teaching methodology, I have demonstrated outstanding instruction in my ongoing relationships with Cardinal Stritch and other Universities.  As I noted earlier I teach a wide range of course content but focus on leadership, management and organizational change.   

I also bring over twenty years of higher education experience into the field of training and development. I combine this with twenty years of management experience.  All this informs my professional practice with a pragmatic philosophy focused on clearly defining organizational reality and attainable expectations.  I work with clients to:   

  •      Evaluate and assess current programming with the goal of guiding continuous improvement throughout  all areas of organizational training. 

  •      Design and write custom curriculum to be implemented by both in-house and external training professionals. 

  •      Formulate and implement train-the-trainer programming designed to support corporate, civil and non-profit trainers as they seek to improve curriculum development and presentation methods.


     Personal Ethics Statements    

Professional Competence  

  1. Assure an appropriate level of professional knowledge sufficient to support consulting and teaching practice.

  2. Perform my professional duties with discretion in the use of confidential information.

  3. Prepare concise and truthful communications after analysis of relevant information.


Outcome:  Professional Competence Maintained

Personal Integrity  

  1. Avoid and/or clarify issues that lead to conflict of interest.

  2. Recognize and communicate personal limitations (both in knowledge and experience) that prohibit successful professional performance.

  3. Communicate clearly favorable and unfavorable information.


Outcome:  Personal Integrity Maintained

Ethical Conflict  

  1. Discuss problems that lead to unethical behavior.

  2. Define ethical issues involving confidential information.

  3. Act ethically to others thus modeling proper behavior.


Outcome:  Ethical Conflict Minimized

My educational background includes a Bachelors Degree in History, Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology and a Doctoral Degree in Adult Continuing Education from Northern Illinois University.  I have held responsibilities in: sales and workforce management; and higher education administration.  My teaching and educational expertise also encompass: computer mediated learning; distance education; and traditional forms of training and development. 

I also seek opportunities to work with seasoned professionals who have entered into later career stages, either through choice (retirement) or forced change (downsizing, restructuring, outsourcing, etc.) in establishing knowledge based partnerships.  This partnering would include, but not be limited to, providing ad hoc professional services to organizations and companies seeking help in supporting institutional problem solving.


On-Going Activity-Researcher, Vistelar Group, supporting evaluation of program effectivenss.

On-Going Activity-Mount Mary University, supporting the development of the University Justice program by teaching and curriculum design.

On-Going Activity-Facilitator, Sherman Multicultural Arts School. This pro-bono work seeks to:

  1. Gather stakeholder perceptions of the current status of Sherman School

  2. Clarify the "Neighborhood School" concept in regards to this school

  3. Establish a permanent partnering committee whose mission is to revitalize community commitment to our community school  

On-Going Relationship-Partner, with the National Institute of Law Enforcement Ethics to field a Criminal Justice Agency Monitoring System. In this relationship I am responsible for periodic development, dissemination and analysis of instruments designed to test ethical compliance of law enforcement agencies.

On-Going Activity-Originator, Community Oriented Policing House. This is a proposed venture with the Sherman Park Community Association (SPCA) to create and support the placement of police, prosecution, and corrections personnel directly in a local neighborhood. The full proposal is available at:


Going Activity-Researcher, Milwaukee Commission for Police Community Relations. Partner with the Milwaukee Police Department's research arm to determine the extent to which citizen violent interactions with police can be diminished. Focus is on support Commission efforts to decrease citizen/officer firearm violence.


Conducted Survey Research, Milwaukee Police Association titled "The Residency Requirement: City of Milwaukee". The purpose of this survey was to review national residency requirements for police, determine the views of officers as to the effects residency has on their lives and ascertain what changes might occur to the city if residency for police was dropped. Findings reflect social and psychic uncertainty but personal certainty as to officers' desire to see residency rescinded (February 2012). 

Initial Researcher, Healthy Neighborhood Initiative. This on-going activity is funded by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. I provided initial coordination of research activities of a consortium of local Milwaukee non-profit associations. As part of this effort I created a comprehensive course of study “Training for Evaluation” designed to support staff development. The outcome of this process confirmed that staffs with limited capabilities have difficulty in formulating and implementing formal research without outside support (November 2007-February 2008)

Facilitated and Edited the creation of a strategic plan for retired (2014) Deputy Inspector Ramon Galaviz in his effort to become the Milwaukee Police Department Chief of Police (October, 2007).

Facilitated and Wrote, a compiled report of focus group findings for supporting "Aging in Community: A Senior Housing Ideas Competition" sponsored by the University of  Wisconsin - School of Architecture.  This report represented findings generated by four on-sight meetings organized and held over a four week period in January, 2007.


Designed and Wrote “24 Hour Lockup Training, (2004-6) a comprehensive, 19 module curriculum of instruction for the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) police officers entrusted with arrestee processing in holding cell faculties.  This program was grant supported by the State of Wisconsin, Department of Justice.  Included in this program was responsibility to help guide initial MPD Train-the-Trainer and produce supplemental instructional materials.  The central focus of this program is suicide prevention and enhancement of arrestee care. 

Reference Comments:  

Dr. Lifvendahl assisted the Milwaukee Police Department with the development of a 3 day, Temporary Holding Facility (THF) Jail Course targeted f or municipal police agencies with temporary lockup facilities.  The State of Wisconsin , Department of Justice, Training and Standards Bureau only had a 3-week jail course targeted on lockup facilities with prisoners expected to stay incarcerated on a long-term basis.  The THF Course has been well received both internally and externally within the law enforcement and corrections communities.  He also, provided our sworn supervisory rank with a presentation on Organizational Change, which was well received.   There are about 300 supervisors in our department, which is the largest police agency in the State of Wisconsin .

Dr. Lifvendahl is extremely knowledgeable about curriculum development, conducts good research, and is an exceptional communicator with strong writing skills.  He was also extremely flexible and got along well with others.  I highly recommend him.

Retired Deputy Inspector Ramon Galaviz, Former Director, Milwaukee Police Academy      

Strategic Planning, Sherman Park Community Association.  Facilitate on-going review of Association mission/vision.  

Reference Comments:  

Dr. Lifvendahl is a board member of our Association; he serves as the first Vice-President. He has taken on the responsibility of assisting the staff and board to revisit our mission in light of the cuts in Federal funds. He also has directing our strategic planning process and helping the board to look at the critical needs of our neighborhood. He also has taken an active role as a volunteer in our funding raising efforts. I have also interacted with him on the planning process that has taken place in the Milwaukee Police Department.

Dr. Lifvendahl brings a unique sense of dedication to working with our volunteer board. His educational background in management has been very beneficial to our planning process. He is an active listener; he takes the ideas of his follow board members and is able to develop a coherent way for them to reflect on their ideas and to build consensus as a group. He has a unique quality of tying ideas together so that all the people around the table sense that they are being heard and that their ideas are important to the process. One thing that I have always appreciated—Tom is always on time and prepared for meetings and events.  

Steve O’Connell, Past Executive Director, Sherman Park Community Association. Chair, Milwaukee Commission on Police Community Relations


See My Current Vita to see full project list. 

Thomas A. Lifvendahl, Ed.D.



Copyright © Thomas A. Lifvendahl.  All Rights Reserved  



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